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Denn Feeds have formulated an excellent range of balanced compound Beef feed, available in both pellet and ration, and manufactured in our purpose built mill.


A high energy 15% protein Beef Cube suitable for feeding yearlings on grass to finishing cattle indoors on grass silage. The main ingredients are native cereals followed by pulp, with protein supplied by Irish Distillers, maize gluten and soyabean meal.



This has been a No.1 seller and ever popular 15% protein Beef Ration for many years. Suitable for feeding to all cattle from 6 month cull cows. Comprised of mainly native cereals, accompanied by pulp, Irish Distillers, maize, rapeseed and soyabean.



This 17% protein cube is suitable for feeding to weanlings in a creep feeder or wintered indoors on grass silage. It has excellent sources of protein from soyabean meal and Irish Distillers. This cube is also ideal for breeding heifers over the winter to increase size and condition for the spring.



Our ad-lib Beef finisher is comprised mainly of native cereals and pulp, followed by Irish Distillers, maize and rape. Sodium Bi-Carbonate is also included to help avoid acidosis as a result of a high feeding cereal mix. Special Minerals are also included.

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