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Denn Animal Feeds have formulated an excellent range of balanced compound Dairy feed, available in both pellet and ration, and manufactured in our purpose built mill.

Denn Feeds recognise the need for high yielding dairy cows to receive precise high quality feeding.

This ensures excellent yield and milk quality, no fertility issues and minimal health problems.

Our sales and nutritional staff are always on hand to ensure your dairy herd, big or small, are reaching there potential.

Our comprehensive range includes:


This 20% protein cube is the highest specification dairy cube available from Denn Feeds. This cube has a high inclusion rate of megalac, a high energy oil based ingredient. This cube has proved hugely popular with high yielding herds that have a high reliance on grass silage.


A high quality 18% protein cube ideal for spring milk production on grass silage and occasional grass. This cube consists of native cereals with protein supplied by hi-pro soyabean, rapeseed meal and Irish Distillers. Megalac is also included to maximise energy.



A 16% protein cube excellent at balancing high protein grass. The main ingredients are Citrus Pulp, Native Cereal, Irish Distillers and Rapeseed Meal



While feeding Dry Cows is a relatively new concept, results in recent years have proved excellent where winter feed is of a poor quality with little or no incidents of retained after births. It has also proved excellent for feeding to thin cows and/or young heifers. The inclusion of Oats alleviates many of the concerns of difficult calving.

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