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Horse & Pony

Value for money horse and pony feed

Denn Feeds are familiar with the practicalities of keeping and feeding horses, we know the challenges our customers face and we understand their needs.

Only the finest animal feed ingredients are used in the production of Denn animal feed, to ensure maximum value for money on all Denn Horse Feed.

All Denn horse feed and pony feed are available from our store in Cappoquin, County Waterford.

Denn will also deliver horse and pony orders of 1 tonne lots and over.

Available in bags and bulk, cleaned and rolled to the highest specification.

An ideal horse and pony feed to compliment quality forages for horses and ponies during the winter period.

This pellet animal feed provides a stud feed that is high in protein quality and mineral balance for growth and development

HORSE & PONY (red) 14% coarse blend
A fully balanced cooked and palatable mix formulated for lactating brood mares, hunters and stallions in season.

A high fibre, molassed horse feed mixer with added calcium for horses and ponies.

All animal feeds are available

Horse Animal Feed Ireland

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