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Our catalogue of grass seed mixtures contains all of the top varieties from the Teagasc Pasture Profit Index (PPI) 2015. There is no single variety that fits every situation, thus careful planning is important before deciding on a mixture, i.e. it is a false economy to incur the cost of reseeding and not sow the very best varieties. We have endeavoured to make the mixtures from varieties that complement one another. For example, Glenveagh a late diploid, scores best for ground cover so this variety compliments tetraploids such as Abergain (T) and Dunluce (T) which have an open growth habit but are very high in total yield and high dry matter digestibility (highsugars).

In a recent survey by Teagasc, it was highlighted that 25% of the grassland in the country was never reseeded and a further 25% was reseeded every 15-20 years. It was further established that the swards counting 65% Perennial Rye Grass had an opportunity loss of 111euro/ha while sward containing only 10% Perennial Ryegrass had an opportunity loss of 292euro/Ha.

It is a source of constant amazement to our company that farmers will spend large sums of money on rented land which will generally have poor fertility and a very small proportion of Perennial Rye Grass in the sward while neglecting to reseed the home farm with the excellent new varieties of Perennial Ryegrass now available.

Newly established leys will give far more efficient utilization of ignorganic fertilizers (N,P,K) and will yield up to 3 tonne per ha additional Dry Matter per Year or 0.8 cows/Ha extra carrying capacity. Why apply very expensive fertiliser on unproductive grass species such as Agrostis (creeping Bent Grass), Meadow Grasses and Yorkshire fog.

Think extra production and profitability on your home farm.

Permanent Grazing
•2.5 kgs Abercjoice
•2.5kgs Glenveagh
•2.5kgs Majestic
    •2kgs Abergrain (T)
    •2kgs Astonenergy (T)
•0.5kgs Crusader White Clover                                                                                                           ______                                                                                                                                                                       12kgs                                                                                                                                                             

This mixture consiste of all late heading varieties of Perennial ryegrass. The diploid variety Aberchoice has the highest "Pasture Profit Index" (PPI) on the Teeagasc list. Glenveagh is the mosr persistent and has the best ground cover. Majestic has the best early spring growth for a late heading perennial ryegrass. The Tetraploid Abergain and Astonenergy are the highest ranking for total production on the PPI recommended list of grass varieties. The mixture consiste of diploid perennial ryegrass, 35% tetraploid perennial ryegrass and 5% white clover.

Early Grazing Silage Mixture
    •4kg Abermagic
•3.5kg Picadilly
    •2kgs Astonenergy (T)
    •2kgs Dunluce (T)
•0.5kg Crusader White Clover                                                                                                                ______                                                                                                                                                              12kgs

This mixture is formulated with varieties from the intermediate heading group of perennial ryegrass. Abermagic which heads the 30th of May has a very high value on the "Pasture Profit Index" (PPI). Picadilly heading 3rd June also has a high "Pasture Profit Index" (PPI) value. 30% of the mixture is made up of the best tetraploid varieties - Dunluce (T) and Astonenergy (T). The mixture should be cut in late May/early June to obtain the optimum D-Value.

Intensive Silage
•3 kgs Rosette
    •3kgs Boyne
    •2kgs Dunluce (T)
    •2kgs Carraig (T)
•1.5kgs Glenveagh
•0.5kgs Crusader White Clover                                                                                                                  ______                                                                                                                                                               12kgs

This mixture consists mainly of varieties from the intermediate (mid-season) group of perennial ryegrass. The variety Boyne has the highest "Pasture Profit Index" (PPI) for a silage system. The tetraploids Dunluce (T) and Carraig (T) are the top of the list for Tetraploid varieties. Glenveagh is included to improve ground cover. All varieties in this mixture have heading dates between the 22nd to the 30th May. This mixture is very specific for early silage and should be cut late in May as digestibility of the grass will deteriorate after this date.

Hill Permanent Grazing
    •4kgs Drumbo
    •4kgs Aberchoice
•3.5kgs Glenveagh
•0.5kgs Crusader White Clover                                                                                                                      ______                                                                                                                                                           12kgs

This mixture consists of only late heading dilploid perennial ryegrass. This group of varieties are the most persistent and give the best ground cover. Good ground cover helps prevent poaching. Glenveagh is the variety that gives the best ground cover. Drumbo and Aberchoice, heading the 7th and 10th of June respectively are the varieties giving highest "Pasture Profit Index" (PPI) values for total yield, persistency, ground cover and D-Values.

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