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5th January 2015


February and March are the last two months of the milk quota regime and while the Super Levy is looming, correct management of the dairy herd is critical. It has often been the practice to restrict production for these few months by feeding a low protein feed (14% / 16%), it is however essential to ensure cows maintain the best possible condition for the breeding season. For herds that have a quota remaining or are receiving low protein forages we have a range of 18% to 28% crude protein cubes. All these cubes are formulated in house with high inclusion rates of Irish Barley and Wheat, Irish Distillers and Maize.


In 2014 we formulated our own Calf Muesli. This is a 18% protein ration suitable for feeding from 10 days and has proved hugely popular. It is a highly palatable feed which includes Rolled Barley, Irish Distillers, Soya Hulls, Hi Pro Soya Meal and Maize. The mineral fraction and some of the finer ingredients are available as a pellet. A high level of molasses is also included to minimise dust. This can be followed by Denns high quality Stage 2 Calf Ration or Calf 17% Pellet from 6 weeks.


We will be carrying the full range of Grassland and tillage fertiliser compounds. The price of the fertiliser has not tracked the price of Grain, Milk, Beef or Crude Oil as we had expected. Consequently, it is more important than ever to get the optimum utilization of applied inorganic fertilizer. To achieve this all soils should be analysed and fertiliser applied in accordance with the soil analyses. Many soils are low in Lime thus leading to poor uptake of Phosphorous and Potash. Soil analyses for Lime, P and K are available from Farm Business Advisors, Industrial Estate, Cappoquin within 10 working days.


Superstart 34%N, is made up of 40% Calcium Nitrate and 60% prilled Urea. This product is competitively priced and is ideal for early grass production. It is impossible to deliver all fertiliser in a short time span when the weather becomes suitable for fertiliser spreading. Please help us by ordering in advance.

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